Searching Evidence

This is another montage of data from different sources that highlight a span of time in Holocene max that had a great effect on human history, and that is presently hardly known.

Some due explanations: In the picture the background is Earth temperature for the last 4M years, c. wiki: “Temperature of planet earth”. It shows the holocene and an earlier four glacials. Superimposed rt. is Holocene compared to 3rd earlier inter-glacial c. Wuwt. Upper left added chart from paper by D’Andrea et al “Glacier response to North Atlantic climate variability during the Holocene”.

Indicated are the tell-tales of the 7200BP and 5200BP events that are crucial to understanding the megalithic calendars and their apparently anomalous orientations. The calendars are evidence/proof of tectonic micro-plate rotations in the central Mediterranean.

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