Searching Evidence -2

Another montage sourced from separate technical scientific papers, this time based primarily on ocean sediments that have been dated. The basic info is from papers “Origin and chronology of the Augias deposit in the Ionian Sea (Central Mediterranean Sea), based on new regional sedimentological data” by San Pedro L. et al., and “Mediterranean megaturbidite triggered by the AD 365 Crete earthquake and tsunami” by Alina Polonia et al. Supplementary material from paper “Evidence of the Zanclean megaflood in the eastern Mediterranean Basin” by Aaron Micallef et al.

The evidence here comes from seven bottom sediment cores from the central Mediterranean, in particular the core KCIR-05 from the bottom near Malta Escarpment. By comparing with the other cores some reliable dates were obtained going back beyond 11,000 years BCE. The core KCIR-05 shows two distinct layers of ‘sapropel’, organic rich layers, in an otherwise clay material. The layers are at ~3200BCE and another at possibly  ~5200BCE. In between and before are shallower organic layers that also correspond to distinct markers obtained from other sources.

The layers correspond to geological and astronomical changes as found recorded in the Megalithic calendars, thus corroborating further what is becoming more evident in Earth’s history.



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