Searching Evidence: Update.

W in P

In ‘Searching Evidence -3’ there resulted some interesting correlations with the Eddy cycle. In this here exercise the Eddy cycle was compared to the earliest attempt to find evidence of abrupt Earth changes as have appeared in archaeological research. Much of the material used later was not available at the time. The duration of the Eddy cycle was given as 980 years, but in other sources it was given as 976 +/- 53 years. That spread is of some interest.

In the early studies a comparison of Holocene Earth Temperature ‘anomaly’ values for polar compared to equatorial regions was made. Temperature values were obtained from comparable proxies. Source of proxies was Wiki: ‘Holocene climatic optimum’. Abrupt temp changes were identified, particularly where polar abrupt change/trend was opposite to equatorial. At the time other proxies, particularly dated tree-ring, provided a more firm date than provided by Wiki.

delta O2x

This early work was compared to the Eddy cycle. Minor adjustment on chronology was made to Wiki derived traces, to align with now known firm markers as explained in earlier post. The results are as in picture. The correlations to sequential troughs, – and peaks where available -, are not only with proxies/events from other sources, but also correlate with abrupt temperature changes in both polar and equatorial.

The events are not identical though consequent. Neither are they precise at inflection point of Eddy curve. It seems the source of the Eddy cycle is a triggering force, but the ‘firing’ point is irregular, apparently dependent on other factors also (grouped as ‘Friction’). A reason for the apparent spread of +/- 53years; the effect then being a signature of something else?

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