Some correlations to the past.

Courtesy WUWT: “the climate, the hottest in modern human history, can change back on its own.”. Some correlations showing that it has done so repeatedly.

The difference is that in all instances in the Holocene climate did change; change abruptly, accompanied by repeated tectonic events. The most indicative correlations are not the tell-tales from the various proxies, but the evidence found from archaeology.

Temperature ‘anomaly’ from WUWT was compared to other proxies. The ‘jerks’ in the trace correlates to markers from other proxies, indicating series of events of a sinister nature in the Holocene, more than made out to be.

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  1. Imo, what’s missing in the previous “jerks” are the 90,000 man-made chemicals we’ve been dumping into our spaceship’s biosphere. 150 years of them accumulating in and poisoning our planet’s food chains is not enough time to evolve an effective survival strategy.


    1. Chris Rea has an answer.

      We’ll I’m standing by a river but the water doesn’t flow
      It boils with every poison you can think of.
      Then I’m underneath the streetlights
      But the light of joy I know
      Scared beyond belief way down in the shadows.
      And the perverted fear of violence chokes a smile on every face
      And common sense is ringing out the bells.
      This ain’t no technological breakdown
      Oh no, this is the road to hell.


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