Searching Evidence: Deaths, Tsunamis and Earth Dynamics.

Pre-history may sometimes be pieced together like a jig-saw puzzle. But the individual pieces may seem invisible, yet be right under the nose. This post links three contrasting pieces together.

Starting here with the paper from Cain et al “Prehistoric Coastal Mass Burials: Did Death Come in Waves?”, the subject refers to mass deaths, that from evidence, were the result of major tsunamis. The subject was introduced earlier here:

One particular case in the Cain paper is ‘mass burials in relatively tectonic inactive areas’. One is the Storegga slide, dated to 8150BP (6200bce). The other is referred to as the Garth tsunami dated to 5500BP (3550bce). Evidence of the former is extensive, and said to be, quote “Geological evidence can be traced from Norway to Greenland, western Scotland, NE England and Denmark”.

This is where the jig-saw pieces fit in place. While the 6200bce event is well know, it is the 3550bce event that is very telling since it coincides with other evidence that reveals the prime causation. That evidence comes from one particular megalithic calendar site.

The site is Ggantija in Gozo, Maltese islands. Calendar sites are common in the islands but this site is the only one where two calendars have the same axial orientation to equinox sunrise on the horizon. While the older unit was built and subsequently underwent design modification, with a constant ~23deg equinox to solstice angle (VA), the other later one was built to an improved design, but to a reduced angle of ~18deg. That particular angle depends on Earth axial tilt or obliquity, and a change in its value indicates a major dynamic Earth event. That change therefore indicates that both tsunamis and slides could be the result of fundamental and far-reaching events.

ggb1 copy

Proxies correlate chronologically and indicate the events as spikes, abrupt and of short duration. The 6200bce Storegga event was a similar to the 3550bce event, but there is yet no telling and corroborating evidence. Another similar event occurred in 2345bce, however in this case later historical science helped. Such was first deduced by G F Dodwell in 1936, working from ancient measurements of Earth axial tilt. The Mnajdra calendar, a unique case also, records such an event in a later alteration, from an 18deg angle to 29deg.

Such events would be global in effect. The number of mass burials, from diverse places, are possibly evidence of such. That the dates now obtained from widely varied sources correlate, adds further support.

For calendar function, the later design, see

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