Beyond the Heretic: Reality

The south west coast of the island of Malta is bounded by a major geological fault, known as the Maghlaq Fault. The vertical cliffs here which rise some 180 m above sea level offer some of the best coastline views. They also offer one major mystery.


The island of Malta is criss-crossed by shallow to quite deep ancient cart-ruts. Next to nothing is known about their age. Speculation apart, there have been studies made in an attempt to find answers. Yet one aspect of a particular few of the cart-ruts runs into a second mystery. Why do they terminate at cliff edges, in mid-air? What geological theory explains them? Where did they lead to? A couple of these cart-ruts are well known, but there are more that are not so evident. Then again, there are ruts that end in mid-air that are inland, at cliff edge over valleys, and others at cliff edge at the coast. However, while these cart-ruts present their own mystery, it is the geological events that left them as they are today that are the more mysterious.


The geological mystery of Malta’s cart-ruts is shared by the island’s megalithic calendars. The Megalithic calendars of the Maltese islands needed to be axially aligned to the equinox sunrise point on the horizon for proper functioning. Yet these are to be found predominantly oriented in three separate directions. The oldest are today facing south, the later ones to south east, and the last built still maintain proper alignment to East. There are a couple of outlier orientations, but these still have an explanation. The above presented a major anomaly in resolving the calendars’ functions. How could such structures change their axial orientation with respect to the equinox sunrise on the horizon?

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While the geology of the Maltese islands indicates unmistakably major events of a cataclysmic nature, these give little hint as to what took place, and when. What is definitely obvious is that the geologic events are evident from man-made artefacts. Those artefacts point to the kind of event, and the time when it occurred. In geological time they are quite recent.

The span of time during which the megalithic calendars were built is known to some extent. From proxies coming from various avenues of research the dating for the tectonic rotations is indicated with some reliability. Both tectonic rotations and cart-rut terminations appear as the result of common global events. Thus the geology of the Mediterranean has altered quite recently.


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