This site is about ancient science, primarily the cultivation of the cereals and their life-cycle, that in ancient times was explained as a myth or parable; and the astronomical science that resulted in the megalithic calendar that was an imperative requirement for good harvests, and ultimately, survival.

Researching an ancient statuette, and the myth that was found to explain it, it turned out this was all mainly agrarian science presented in metaphor. Agriculture in Mediterranean latitudes is very dependent on the season. For the cereals, the staple crop, only one growing season is allowed. Therefore getting the sowing time right was a primary concern. It still is. Thus a good solar year calendar was a invaluable asset and a necessity. Since Statuette and megalithic structure were one integral thing by means of myth and folklore, research revealed the design of the megalithic structure to be an accurate and efficient solar calendar.

However two main anomalies became evident in the megalithic calendar. The first obvious one was related to alignment. Unknown geological events had taken place, which contradict the established view on plate tectonics (see micro-plate rotations). The second concerns Earth dynamics. The evidence in the design hint strongly to abrupt changes in the Earth axial tilt, in contradiction to established thinking. Both anomalies had been perceived by others before, however there is now incontrovertible evidence. The simplicity of the megalithic calendar design, the science and mathematics of the technique used, and the results obtained from tests on scale models, rule out other forms of interpretation.

The research was presented in two books, but since publication considerable additional material has surfaced. Some of it is presented at this blog site, correlated with other material. It transpires that none of the material  in the two books need revising; it still holds.


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